God Gave to Jesus
Rev 1:1 -   A   God gave to Jesus to show unto His servants
                       things which most shortly come to pass.
                     B     sent His angel    (Rev 1:1)
                        C     unto His servant John     (Rev 1:1)
                             D     the words of this prophecy     (Rev 1:1)
                  Rev 12:10  -      E     Now is come Salvation and Strength and 
                                                  the Kingdom of our God and Power of His Christ
                                                      and they overcame him [the accuser of our brethren]
                  Rev 12:10  -      E1    by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony
                             D1      the sayings    (Rev 22:6 )
                       C1    the Lord God of the holy prophets     (Rev 22:6) 
                    B1      sent His angel     (Rev 22:6) 
Rev 22:6  -   A1    to show unto His servants the things which must shortly be done

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