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Daniel Series

Daniel 7-12


Audio Files

Study Outline  (pdf format)

Lesson 20 -70 Weeks Prophecy, Dan 9:24-27
00:00 / 37:02

Prelim info takes up the first nearly seven minutes.  If you desire to skip it, began at the 7 min mark the discussion on the handout chart with the text of Dan 7:25,26.

Lesson 20 -70 Wks Prophecy II, Dan 9:25,26
00:00 / 50:43
Judgment of the Living.mp3
00:00 / 52:27

The subject material in this outline is a repeat of the Lesson 20 chart and work above on the 70 Weeks Prophecy, with focus on Dan 9: 25-26. Refer to those lessons for this presentation as well.

Less 24 Dan 10 - Vision of Man in - Unknown Artist

At the 4 minute mark, in the recording above, I make reference to a statement I put on the board. Here's the statement:  "The world will never be convicted until the time of trouble [at the loud cry] God permit's to come upon His people which will shatter/scatter the power of His holy people."

Daniel--Lesson 28 - Conclusion of Daniel 12
00:00 / 35:02
What is the Warning!
Who is the Man Clothed in Linen?
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