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Prepare to Meet Thy God Series

The Sealing Truths Study Guides have been designed for those who are part of the remnant church, but they are especially for those who sense their calling to be part of the 144,000—that final group of people who will vindicate the character of God before the universe.


When Jesus entered upon His final work of redemption in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary, He anticipated that His work, in cooperation with His people, would produce a cleansed remnant whose lives would reflect the beauty of holiness. They would love Jesus supremely and would desire to live every moment of their lives to please, honor and glorify Him. These will walk with Him in white, for they are worthy. (Rev. 3:4)

4a - You Have Heard the Sound of the Trumpet

4c - Contemporary Application of the Trumpets

The are 12 Lessons in this series

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